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Need a Freezer? Save Power with a Chest Freezer

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If your family can make full use of an extra freezer, taking advantage of sales and stocking up or cooking ahead and freezing tasty homemade meals, then an extra freezer could make good sense for frugal living; it will be worth the extra money you will have to spend to power the freezer each month.

One thing to note, however, is that a chest freezer is much more energy efficient than an upright freezer because, every time the door is opened on an upright, the cold air leaks out. With a chest freezer, the cold air stays inside, allowing you to save power.

Remember, no matter what type of freezer you own, it only makes good financial sense to power a second freezer if you use up all of the food that’s in it and it’s not just a place for meat and veggies to grow freezer burn.


*Photo from Flickr, courtesy of jrubinic

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