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DIY, Frugal Living Enthusiasts will Love this Site

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While I wouldn’t recommend this to a person who doesn’t know where to put the windshield washer fluid in their car, anyone with a few car-related practical skills, some tools and a desire to save money should take advantage of this great site: AllDataDIY

AllDataDIY is a membership based site (it’s a small annual fee) that provides its members with everything they need to know to perform repairs and various routine maintenance on their vehicles. They’ll provide you with diagrams, a list of parts you will need and more for DIY auto repairs.

You might want to leave the big jobs up to the pros, so as to avoid the risk of causing further damage to your vehicle, but for the small jobs, AllDataDIY has you covered.

Whenever possible, DIY is always best for frugal living.


*Photo from Flickr, courtesy of Mike Tigas

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